Outdoor learning week day 1

Outdoor learning week day 1 on PhotoPeach

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Literacy Homework 28/06/15

Come to our new luxurious leisure centre with our new refurbished room and our new amazing swimming pool and our relaxing sauna. You’d be astonished of how beautiful the fantastic new leisure centre.

First and Foremost, You should come to our recent built leisure centre as we have got the facilities you need. If you just want to chill in the warm relaxing jacuzzi you can every day as the water facilities are open to everyone everyday. If you want to strengthen those big bulky muscles of yours our gym is absolutely perfect for you, it has weights, cardio machines and much more.

So I’ve given you all my top reasons of why you should come to our leisure centre.You’d be a right idiot if you didn’t come!

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Literacy homework. 21/06/15.

To Ben,

It was very nice coming to your school. I really liked playing football against your school. At lunchtime, I really liked trying to get on the stilts but they were way too hard. I also liked the table tennis, we have one in our school too. I liked the activity when we had to make the highest tower with spaghetti and marshmallows. The activity I liked most though was, when Mr. May took us on a trip round Romiley, are you going to Harrytown High school?

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100 wc

It was a hot day and me my friends decided to go to the park and play some football. So of we went to the park and played. The teams were fair enough to play because we had a even number of people. We started and someone from my team just blasted it and made a amazing goal it was 1-0 now. The other team were doing great passing till we all heard birds flying around us. After we stopped and had an break but we could smell ICECREAM some how so we all bought one. At the end the scores were 5-3 to us.

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homework/100 word challenge

As I walked into Longford park, I see many things, beautiful butterflies roaming in the park, colourful flowers surrounding me and lots of ducks swimming in the mucky, small pond. When I sat down in the park to eat, I picked up my delicious sandwich and ate in front of the glimmering sun. As I was skipping cheerfully through the park, I heard the birds singing and chirping at the same time. The weather was beautiful, it wasn’t too hot for me to roast but it wasn’t to cold for me to freeze. I feel very jolly as I’ve  saw many beautiful things.

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100wc flashback

On Monday the 18th of May I remeber that class 5v (Mr Vaughan) were doing a Shakespeare play with Manley park and Chorlton park. My big event ever I have done. I remember everyone was really good and rememberd all their lines but people were annoying me for a little while saying I was too good as I was the mainest character. I remember we waited ages in our dressing room till it was finally our turn. At the end I remember everyone sang the song Here comes the song. I Bet most people still remeber all their lines.

The end

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homework 100 word challenge

One day, my grandson came to visit me from Scotland. I took to him to Manley Park far a little ‘kick-around’. Idrees, a cheeky 6 year old, one of my favourite grandsons, tried to kick the ball really but ended up hitting the concrete instead. His deafening  scream scared me,  I rushed to help him. This reminded me of the time when I played as a striker for YSG football club and we won the Super cup.We played against a team called Spinningfields FC. My team won 7/1. I was a striker and scored a hatrick and the winning goal. At half-time I came off as I had a hamstring injury. I was the captain of the team so that meant I got to pick the trophy up first!

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The Tempest

The tempest on PhotoPeach

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Persuasive Letter



Sunday 26 March

Dear Tobbaco Industry,

I am writing to stop you from selling cigarettes due to the fact that 100,000 people die from smoking every year.

Firstly ,in cigarettes there is a drug called tobacco and that can destroy parts of your body. There’s a 87% chance of lung cancer deaths also a 30% chance of cancer death.Do you really want people to die just from smoking and make the population smaller?

There’s a spray that can stop you from smoking but it doesn’t help,so  I recommend you to stop now and see a  doctor about your health.The doctor will tell you how to stop and how bad your health is.

In America young and poor children have to pick up dangerous tobacco leaves ( which is a drug).Do you really want children to get bad health and then leave them to die?

In conclusion,I recommend you join me to stop the tobacco industry selling dangerous cigarettes and killing 100,000 people a year.

Your Sincerely



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Dear mr vaughn I am writing to  you to tell you my reason about putting an xbox in classes . If you listen to  the children would be happy.

I think you should put some amaizing xbox’s . children will be much happier in school, and they will love the idea.If its wet play we could play with it so children will have fun. Due to the fact that you might think that technlology can harm people, it can actuly help with their learning in school causing them to join in more and become more social.

To conclude I hope I  have persuade you to add extra high advanced technology,  giving you the chance to have a better job in a school full of hapiness.



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