Persuasive Homework

Dear Mr.Vaughan,

I would like to suggest that we get to go outdoors for our golden time. Children should have the option to go outdoors for golden time.

Firstly, children will get to be more healthy and will get more time to be fit. Research shows that a quarter of children’s population are becoming obese. Do you really want to make these children extremely fat?

Secondly, if the other classes get to go outside it will not be fair if we don’t get to go outside.

Lastly, children tend to feel better and more energetic outside especially when it’s nice and sunny.

In conclusion, I would really appreciate you if you put this into action. Don’t you want to make these children happy?

Your sincerely Musa


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My ultimate adventure itn: The creepy castle of McMonster.

It was a normal day and Max went to a forest where he saw a creepy castle. On the door there was a sign that said: The creepy castle of McMonster. Max asked to himself “Who made this castle in the middle of nowhere?” After, a girl shouted angrily, “That castle isn’t in the middle of nowhere! 31,540 years ago, this castle was in a pretty Kingdom and there was a queen.” Max asked, “What was her life like?” The girl said that this was her third life and she didn’t want to live any more so she died.

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My 100 word challenge

There was once a man called Donald who was 90 years old and he lived in a cramped cottage. He loved taking on extraordinary adventures every day. Donald had heard a myth about some treasure that was buried behind Niagara Falls.Donald invited his friend called Emma to help him find Niagara fall before the end of the day. Searching and searching till dawn. Then they saw the most wonderful Niagara fall. They dug part of Niagra fall and then they saw the treasure and ran home so they could open the chest. But it was the wrong one so they went back to transfer the old chest for the new chest. That was an ultimate adventure.

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My ultimate adventure.

One day, I walked to the Dubai desert. I rode on camels, donkeys and horses. They were really fast. I walked and walked till I reached the city. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name, “Hashim, Hashim!”

“Baraa, is that you?!” I can’t believe it , why is he here? He needed me. His brother wanted to race me in a rally car. I couldn’t believe it. My first time meeting the champion. I went to build a rally car and I tuned it up a bit. I went to practice on the rally track. I got better and better. The next we raced. No one knew I had a nitro boost. The worst part was that I lost but that was my ultimate adventure.


My Ultimate Adventure!!!

I’m sir Ranulf, I will do a challenge that is a huge risk for me.I have to run across Niagara falls and across a huge desert before week and Iam only 71 and I have been doing challenges all my life!I can not ruin this for me.Right now Iam going to start running now there are lots of cameras around me and I am all ready to sweat its starting in 321… I am just near Niagara Falls I think I should have a break beside the water.After a while I got up and stared running again.Finally I have I have reached the end of the desert I have fineshed!!!


Tommy’s ultimate adventure

Hi, my name is Tommy and I’m going to be taking on my ultimate adventure. I’m going to be sent to a desert to run 156 miles and in a space  6 days. I’m going to start next to a lake called the Great Lake.

3 days later…

I have been running for almost 8 hours, so I’m going to be running until I’ve been running for 10 hours .2 hours later, I finally going bed for the next day. I’ve overslept and it is 9pm and were on the sixth day so I’ve slept for 3 days. I had to set off ,in the distance I saw a finish line. NOOO!

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There is a man called Rob who lives in a tiny cramped cottage by Niagara falls. He loves to take on challenges day after day.

One bright, sunny morning Rob decided to go on an adventure.

“I know that today is going to be the ultimate adventure,” he said cheerfully.The adventure was going to be behind Niagara falls where all the gold is hidden. Rob didn’t know that though so off he went.

Behind Niagara falls Rob had found the glittering,glimmering gold. He took the treasure home and rung the women at the museum She said it was perfect.THANK YOU !!!!



Jeremy the psychoanalyst

Jeremy, the psychoanalyst, was going bizarre because he was going to run 156 miles. It was going to be the most extraordinary ultimate adventure of his life . It was in an exotic deserted place that he had to run for six days. Do you think he will be able to complete this nearly impossible dangerous challenge? (I don’t think he will be able to do it because it sounds like he will die).He has already done 62miles in three days. Jeremy has survived it so far but he has exposed wounds from tripping over his feet. Do you think he can complete it without dying?

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The ultimate adventure!

There was an old man who was an adventurer. He was 71. His name was Felix and he loved going on crazy adventures. One day he decided to run 156 miles on a desert! I did say he loved crazy adventures,even though he was 71! He decided to go to Egypt where it was boiling hot! Everyone thought Felix was crazy but when he started running he believed in himself so he could win the golden medal he was trying to find for ages because while he was running he was holding a detecting machine!Finally he dug into the ground and there he had it ,the golden medal.



One day, I walked to a desert. It was sandy, dusty and windy and I felt hot. I was carrying a backpack full of food, water and a map. In the night,  I got a blanket and pillow from my backpack to sleep.  The next day, I walked and walked until I met a man called Jack . He wanted to accomplish the same mission as me. When I asked him what he wants to accomplish he wanted to accomplish the same mission as me. The third day, we wanted to see who could win. When the last day came we ran and ran until I won the race.