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There is a man called Rob who lives in a tiny cramped cottage by Niagara falls. He loves to take on challenges day after day.

One bright, sunny morning Rob decided to go on an adventure.

“I know that today is going to be the ultimate adventure,” he said cheerfully.The adventure was going to be behind Niagara falls where all the gold is hidden. Rob didn’t know that though so off he went.

Behind Niagara falls Rob had found the glittering,glimmering gold. He took the treasure home and rung the women at the museum She said it was perfect.THANK YOU !!!!



The horse who swam 11 miles.

One day, there was a horse who was so boring he did nothing he didn’t evan smile. :)Day after day the horse sat around doing nothing.SUDDENLY the owner jumped up and grabbed the horses green rug mounted the horse and road to the field. In a hough she mumbled ‘why is it always me.’ On the way back home it started to snow as they arrived  at home the  horse carefully sat.In the kitchen the owner had found a pipe that had split.



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100 word challenge

When I was a baby I was crawling around the living room playing with my toys laughing and giggling. I was playing with my toy hammer bashing play balls potting them in there holes. I bashed a ball so hard the toy hammer flung out my hand and hit me right in the eye I was crying and crying after that I couldn’t see. The next day I went for a trip to the doctor he said my eye is getting better. Later on in the day my eye felt ok.  I woke up fresh in the morning suddenly I was able to see again. The end.