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My ultimate adventure itn: The creepy castle of McMonster.

It was a normal day and Max went to a forest where he saw a creepy castle. On the door there was a sign that said: The creepy castle of McMonster. Max asked to himself “Who made this castle in the middle of nowhere?” After, a girl shouted angrily, “That castle isn’t in the middle of nowhere! 31,540 years ago, this castle was in a pretty Kingdom and there was a queen.” Max asked, “What was her life like?” The girl said that this was her third life and she didn’t want to live any more so she died.

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The catstufic ball

Is it a cute day on Spain but ever some people do not like the happy days

“Mort, Phil.”said the Super Intendent “you two have a mision, go and destroid the catstufic ball.” “and what happened that we do not make it.”   said Mort.”that I sale a gun.” Mort and Phil said that is not nesesari and two days after hes got it.

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