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The pipe split

One day me and my dad went down to the garden to fix a green pipe.when we was fixing the pipe the water went every were and flooded the whole street.Then it even went though the farm and let some horses out.

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We went on friday 9th of  january   My first day at forest school my favourite bit was when i was swinging on a branch and than i fell of and it was so funny.Me Rasian  and Layla found a shop made  out of sticks and logs we played in the shop on the top of  the shop. me and layla  was running   up and down a hill and than i sliped down  because we were both hopping down the hill and then Layla sliped too. Sarah and jane were our  forest school teachers when they call us they did the indian call. We looked at diffrent kinds of trees like an oak tree and an willow tree. sunshine on and say if you had blue eyes you would swop places.Rasian  was running and then she sliped but she was laughing a lot. We explored then we had hot apple juice and cheese swerl sticks.When we need the toilet we needed to use a babies potty.


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