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Persuasive Letter



Sunday 26 March

Dear Tobbaco Industry,

I am writing to stop you from selling cigarettes due to the fact that 100,000 people die from smoking every year.

Firstly ,in cigarettes there is a drug called tobacco and that can destroy parts of your body. There’s a 87% chance of lung cancer deaths also a 30% chance of cancer death.Do you really want people to die just from smoking and make the population smaller?

There’s a spray that can stop you from smoking but it doesn’t help,so  I recommend you to stop now and see a  doctor about your health.The doctor will tell you how to stop and how bad your health is.

In America young and poor children have to pick up dangerous tobacco leaves ( which is a drug).Do you really want children to get bad health and then leave them to die?

In conclusion,I recommend you join me to stop the tobacco industry selling dangerous cigarettes and killing 100,000 people a year.

Your Sincerely



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Tommy’s ultimate adventure

Hi, my name is Tommy and I’m going to be taking on my ultimate adventure. I’m going to be sent to a desert to run 156 miles and in a space  6 days. I’m going to start next to a lake called the Great Lake.

3 days later…

I have been running for almost 8 hours, so I’m going to be running until I’ve been running for 10 hours .2 hours later, I finally going bed for the next day. I’ve overslept and it is 9pm and were on the sixth day so I’ve slept for 3 days. I had to set off ,in the distance I saw a finish line. NOOO!

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Bad Luck day

On Friday 13th 2013,It was bad luck day and I had to go to work my job is fixing green,long pipes.I hate walking so ride a horse to work,my mum always says be carful.I was riding my horse and suddenly it just jump into a pond.I swam out of the pond and walked embarrassingly and carefully to work.When I arrived to work I saw my friends Musa , Kamran and Yousif. We were working all day until it was time to go home. I invited my friends to go on my Xbox 360 because  we had been working so hard all day. I thought we could have a break at my house.

To be continued .

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My trip on Friday by Ashley

On Friday 6th of March,me and my class went on a trip to the People’s history museum.We all went on a coach; took about half an hour to get there .The museum is in St.Peter’s Square, when we arrived we split up into different year 6 classes. I joined Miss Brien’s  class then we set off to do the workshop.Me and my friends did a placard Mr.Vaughan , who is a funny teacher, gave us a piece of card that said were all equal.Dylan,Samantha and Lourde designed the placard,then we stuck our designs on.After we finished designing we showed our placard to everybody else.We finished with our workshop and we had our lunch at 12:10.I had some crisps,apple and some chocolate.

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Dark and scary forest

In America there was a forest which no one ever went to. The reason why no one went to it because it was dark,scary and some unusual creatures.Someone from Australia wanted explore the dark and scary forest.A week later he arraived at the forest,and he entered it…

The forest was dark as a the night sky,but as the leaves rustled he came to a stop he looked left and right but there weren’t any think there. He carried on and saw a three legged bear who looked creepy. The man couldn’t take any more,so he ran back to the exit,but he fell over.

To be continued


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100 wc

He was shocked to find,a tiny person who was as small as a stool. He had strong muscles and looked very angry . He escaped the sack and looked around and saw a army of robots.He ran away scared about what he saw,he decided to go back and look at them again to see if he was day dreaming.He wasn’t day dreaming it was real so ran and got his tiny friends who had had strong muscles and they tried to have ago at defeating lord Nulth and his army.The tiny men shouted”WAR” and so war started and the tiny people won,but happily the night zoo was rebuilt.

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100 wc

On the 31 of October 2014,it was Halloween I was really excited about it. I couldn’t think about it all day so I went on my iPad to play games .When it struck 12 I had some lunch I had a sandwhich ,crisps and a chocolate bar.I realised that there were still a couple of hours left on the clock. I decided to practice my football skills . After a hour and a half practising my football.The clock was 7pm so, I got everything ready and I remembered to buy a costume ,so  I bought a costume and had a good time at Halloween.

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Me and my friends at beach

One day , Me  and my friends went to Blackpool pleasure beach. We brought a load of bucket and spades , we were building a sand castle then I put some water around the around the sand castle just like a lake . Then we got our Ice creams to cool our self down and we played in the sea. Then it started to get a little cold then the Sand castle blew all in my face . So my friends guided me to the doctors. The doctor cleared all the sand out of my face . Suddenly I was able to sea again.Then the next day we went back to Manchester .