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The talented horse by Ellie-may

Once on a farm, there lived a little baby horse called Patrick. One day he ate a special golden apple and he suddenly started to do irish dancing.

5 years later, he was a irish dancing/ hair styler / football player and a pipe expert . He  could do all these things at the same time.

One time, he actually died himself green.

Patrick was getting tired of the same old talents so he swam in the river he very carefully climbed out of the river  once he was finished .

He was sad because he had never failed at something before . Now he knows to try and try again.

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100 wc By Ellie-may

On  Friday the 6th March, we went to the Peoples history museum  this is what we did  throughout the day.

The first thing that we done was get into groups. I was in Ms Peacocks group but we all got on the coach in our usual classes. We picked partners I was with Kyra. On the coach,that was very comfy, me and Kyra  played a game called would you rather.

We got there at 10:00 we went inside and hung our coats up with our packed lunches. We had to go up some stairs that had little gaps in Kyra was scared.


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as the gunshots fired

As the gunshots fired I sat in the trenches hoping I could make it

As the gunshots fired I got my gun ready

As the gunshots fired I quickly dodged them

Then all I could see were a few survivors and dead bodies everywhere

A lot of soldiers were wounded but still were carrying on

It started to bec0me dark but the fighting carried on

I finally got a chance to write a letter to my family

Dear family,

I have tried really hard to fight for our country

Please always even when I am at war always remember me.

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The shivering creature

It was Halloween night and John ,Georgina and Diane were trick or treating and needed to take a shortcut through the woods. It was getting late and very dark. Suddenly, they heard a rustling sound in the leaves around them but out of nowhere a big fur ball appeared . As it shivered they stopped and stared and slowly started to back away.  When John whispered  “should we run?” “yes!” replied Georgina and Diane. So off they ran through the woods trying to find their way back. When they looked behind them they saw the big fur ball chasing the children.


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