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My Ultimate Adventure!!!

I’m sir Ranulf, I will do a challenge that is a huge risk for me.I have to run across Niagara falls and across a huge desert before week and Iam only 71 and I have been doing challenges all my life!I can not ruin this for me.Right now Iam going to start running now there are lots of cameras around me and I am all ready to sweat its starting in 321… I am just near Niagara Falls I think I should have a break beside the water.After a while I got up and stared running again.Finally I have I have reached the end of the desert I have fineshed!!!


100 word challange

One sunny morning Lucy and her dad needed to fix the pipe because it is very bendy and can easily break.So Lucy and her dad went to the bathroom when her dad went to fix it. When he touched the pie it made a noise so he tryed even harder and then the pipe broke and Lucy and her dad swam across the bathroom and tried not to get the house wet but it was too late all of house was soaked. They both grabed a horse and went to the city to tell the landlord.

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My trip People history museum

I was really excited to go to the People history museum .I woke up early so I could make my packed lunch ready then I got dressed and did my hair.My mum took me to school and I was very very excited when I saw all my friends all ready to go. when we were in there bus I sat next to Saira.In my rucksack I brought some fun things to do like x and o , hang man and last but not lest gess the drawing.The museum was in town.

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My first day at barlow hall forest school!!!!

On friday the 9th of Janurary,2015 half of the class went to barlow hall forest school with Sarah and Jane.When we first came to the circle we sat down on logs and played a game called sunshines on. What you have to do is when the teacher  says who ever has blue eyes for an exambel who ever has blue eyes stand up and run around the logs clock wise. first we learnt about diffrent trees and leafs then we trired to figure out what clours they were and after that we had free play. It was really fun and funny. My funniest part at barlow hall forest school is when Rasian sliped on to the hill and at the end she started laughing so much. The other funny part is When Abigail was swinging on a thin branch and then she started laughing so much.When wanted to play the sunshines on and then we had to go back to school.


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The dissapeared one…By Eman

It was a dark and stormy night, their was two teenager  girls called Amy and Emma.They  were getting ready for Halloween, they wanted to go alone. On the way to their friends house, they played truth or dare.Amy dared Emma to go to the haunted house “Ok just for 5minits”Emma exclaimed.When she took her fist step to the house , she heard a bang. “I am really scared ” wimped Emma.When she got in it was ok, but after a few minits she heard a scream  and she tried getting out but she could not beacause the doors were locked and the windows but she never came back…. 

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The girl who was blind….

There was a baby called Emily she was staring at the sun because it was so bright and Emily liked bright things. When she woke up she could not see a thing so they went to the doctor and the doctor said  that she is blind….ON here birth day she got a guide dog.

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