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The sewage pipe

As Greg and his friends continued on their quest for treasure, they came across a huge sewage pipe in the meadows. They could here voices whispering,”Treasure in here” and,”Come and get it!” They decided to jump down but they regretted it as they were plunged into deep darkness. Greg carefully creeped along the tunnels as quiet  as a breeze, not knowing where he was. Suddenly the pipe started to fill up with water. Not normal clear water but nasty, green water. He swam dodging a horse skeleton. The water was becoming too much to bear! He was drowning!

He’s dead!

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My Holiday

In the holidays, it was my 10th birthday. Unusually, I didn’t have a party like most people as lots of people celebrate their birthday by having a party, inviting lots of friends and going out somewhere. I just sat indoors and had a rest as well as unwrapping my presents and having cake. We played a game of jenga TETRIS which is jenga with weird shaped pieces and me and my mum won. We went out to a fancy restaurant  and had a good time. The theatre, which was the best bit, was absolutely fantabulous!!! It was called little shop of horrors. It was about a plant that eats people. Then it was time to go to bed. Goodnight!

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105wc A very monkey christmas

In an imaginary land, a family of happy, red monkeys were enjoying Christmas. Their fur was glossy and their faces were bright with excitement. Their celebration was strange to human eyes although the monkeys thought it was natural. Silver banana trees were exploding everywhere quickly as they needed to be ready for Father Christmas, a giant silverback gorilla. This monkey family was especially nervous. Suddenly, they heard the sound of jingle bells and silver bananas showered from their Christmas tree. The glittering bananas burst open to reveal a huge flock of rainbow parrots. But the squawking was drowned by the Silverback thundering through the forest.

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Barren Vessel 100wc poem

Lying on the ground,

Once loved by all,

A mechanical beached whale,

Which is barren, rusty, ghostly and musty.


It once carried cargo, coal and tin,

It was very proud of what it did,

Diamond, emeralds and gold moidores,

Peacocks, apes and ivory too.


From South America to Japan,

With a detour of England too,

But suddenly the captain began to shake and shudder,

Quiver, quake, chatter and grin


A phantom had claimed it’s next victim,

A boat with innocent people,

And then the vessel which was out of control,

Was now a rusting hulk on the stony beach.






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105 WC A very weird, surreal story

One autumn day, two yellow leaves were having a picnic. Ones name was Sandy and the others name was Goldilocks. They thought they were safe but as the leaves rustled  (the other leaves) they knew it was time to fly. They glided off the ground with great elegance and spread their tips out to help them fly. They sailed over the Pacific Ocean and landed in the middle of the USA. I’m sad to say this is not a happy ending as they got trampled, crushed and eventually they were lying lifeless on the ground, staying there forever.


I’m dreadfully sorry to say they’re dead…..


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105wc George The night zoo

He was shocked to find a small spying giraffe as small as a Labrador. He said that the night zoo didn’t exist any more (to trick him) and that he was just passing by being normal (another lie). The Lord of Nulth, eyes black of smoke said “that is a lie little one” and threw with great strength back into the sack’. ” I am the lord of Nulthing and I declare a war upon magic and imagination! Then things will all be the view of mine!” Then one of the robotic guards said in a steely voice “What shall we do with it?”

Imagination is gone…..


101 wc George

I had to go. I was forced out of my country and I had to go to France to fight them. It was terrifying leaving my family behind and going to face certain death.

Wednesday 5th 1914

I started digging a trench unaware that the enemy was close by. It was so muddy and unhygienic that I couldn’t dare to look at the mud. I finished the trench with 100 other people and 100 more swarmed in.

Friday 7th 1914

Remember how I was worried about my family? Well they died of mustard gas yesterday but the generals didn’t let me leave to give my goodbye.


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107wc g.k

Falling…… Falling…… Into blackness……….. Not knowing where I’m falling……….. THUD! Suddenly I was able to see again. I was in a room, a room with bars. Suddenly I realised, I was  trapped! It was a dim room which was as bare as a prison cell. I saw a crack in the keyhole. There was an eye staring right at me!  I jumped up the chimney and climbed onto the roof. I ran and ran, not turning round to look at the demon chasing me, trying to ensnare me. After I’d ran for a while is came across a building, the same one as before!

To be continued