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My ultimate adventure.

One day, I walked to the Dubai desert. I rode on camels, donkeys and horses. They were really fast. I walked and walked till I reached the city. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name, “Hashim, Hashim!”

“Baraa, is that you?!” I can’t believe it , why is he here? He needed me. His brother wanted to race me in a rally car. I couldn’t believe it. My first time meeting the champion. I went to build a rally car and I tuned it up a bit. I went to practice on the rally track. I got better and better. The next we raced. No one knew I had a nitro boost. The worst part was that I lost but that was my ultimate adventure.


100 word challenge.

One day day there was a boy called Hashim. He was bad and cool. He could even breakdance and beatbox. He had a horse but his uncle sold it. He had a cool car called BUGGATI VEYRON 16.4 SPORT. He was really cool. He was rich and famous. He swam in his swimming pool. He went to fix someones pipe. He had a job. The job was  the famous plumber in the world. He always finds green things in the pipe. He went carefully thats why he does it properly. He was paid a lot thats why he has a mansion.


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People’s History Museum.

On Friday year5 and year6 went to People’s History Museum. It was big and it was curvy. Everyone felt astonished. When we went inside there was a cafe and some toys. We were split into groups. I was in Mrs Brien’s group.

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forest school

First, we went to the circle of logs.We explored some trees like an oak tree,lime tree and a willow tree.We had some cheese twists and warm apple juice which was tasty.We had 1hr of free play and I went in the mud and my new shoe got stuck.We played a game called the sunshines on.We had 3 rules which was look after yourself and be safe,have fun.We played in the wooden tent and the I climbed 4 trees.I played with Khaled and Huzail , Khaled was my partener.We saw some fox holes and rabbit holes.We walked back to school and the other group went.

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100wc by hashim

Max never played on his xbox360 and his computer games. His nickname was friendly Max. He’d never call people names or bully them. One day in the evening he was sleeping in bed and he had a dream about being a bully at school and being a show-off. He had a really precious crystal. He bought it because he wanted everyone to look at it and say wow and he wanted to show-off. It was play time. He ran to his friend and the crystal fell out of his pocket. AAHH! Where is my crystal?!! He was shocked to find it because it was his mum’s crystal and he thought she would be mad as if her head was a volcano, it was a real crystal, FINALLY!!, said Max. Suddenly, he woke up The end.

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Blind Hashim

Once upon a time I was blind. I had to pour milk into the tea but the mug fell on my hand,It really hurts so I went to the doctor and she said, “How many times have you been coming to me!” I said, “How dare you say that if you don’t want me to come to you I won’t!”,I went to another doctor and she was so helpful. Thank you doctor thank you very much. Suddenly, I was be able to see again finally I can have a cup of tea.when your blind you get a stick and when your not blind you don’t have a stick so I gave the stick back. The end.