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The best swimmer.

One sunny day, Huzail won the championship wold cup for he had swam 500M. For that he had won £250. He had spent it on a brown, big, strong horse at 3 0 clock.On his was home, he found a green pipe when he was on the desert. Huzail was really really thirsty. He followed the watet carefully and went where it led. He found where it led to by now the time was 4:30. He saw it and it was a massive pool. It looked like a swimming contest Huzail entered the contest and he won the contest and he got £1000.

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We went to the forest school on Friday. We first played a game it was fun (indeed). Next, we played a game called  ‘Treasure Hunt’. After that, we built our mini tent. After a while, we had free time to explore. Next, we sat down and eat our bread sticks. After that, we went back to school.

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Forest School

I was excited because today is a trip! A really excited because we were going to go to  the dark, deep, cold forest! After a while, we got to the forest. First we had a game it was called ‘sun shine’.After that, we  walked deeper and deeper until they told us about safety and care.After a while, we had free time ‘horayyyyyyyy’. Mr. vaughan took lots and lots of pichtures and then the 2 forest school womon called us and we had a chesey twist and hot apell  juce I only liked th twist after that we played ‘sun shine’ again.



Barlow Hall is a nice, enthusiastic school it is a nice place to learn things. In Barlow Hall there is a gigantic play ground. I, as a student is studying here from my Reception. In Reception and in year one my teacher was Miss Grey. In year four my teacher was Mrs De Silva. And now in year five I am under Mr Vaughan’s supervision, he is a kind person too and I like his way of teaching.

There are nice children, teachers, nice staff and other nice things. My friends are Khaled, Hashim, Preston, Kanye, and other nice friends as well. My teachers are Mr. Vaughan, Ms. Mucha and Mrs. Soya and I have other good teachers. My head teacher is Ms. Kennedy. She is very kind. . Do you know Barlow Hall has a huge building and playgrounds? I hope you come to Barlow Hall primary school. Enjoy your time at Barlow Hall.

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One sunny day there was a boy named Ben he was walking with his mum. Ben quickly ran to a place were he was not allowed! His mum did not notice at all! Ben saw something moving! what it was he could not believe it.It was a baby dragon!He looked after the baby dragon and ben and the dragon made a good team. He called mum and then he took the dragon home.He told mum about the dragon and the mum said put it were you found it right now!Ben felt sorry for the baby dragon.I wont do it again said Ben.

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Once upon a time there was a hoodie man. One day I went to the green thick park and what I saw I just could not believe it.It was a murder! I did not tell anyone. I went home. Again I went to the green enormous park after fifteen days. Suddenly I was able to see him again mudering again a boy and a girl. So I decided to call the police and then he was about tot get arrested but he escaped from the the police decide to make a plan about the muder. They got two people and followed the murder and he got arresed!