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My ultimate adventure by Jack

There was once a man called Jack. He was going to do an ultimate adventure. He was going to hell to find the lost secret orb. He realised  the place was crawling with demons and hell bats. He kept searching and searching but he found it. Suddenly, a wall of flesh spawned and was chasing Jack. Jack had his bow and killed the wall of flesh and broke the hell stone and got the orb. He ran out of hell and made his way up to surface and got to his house. He never  wanted to go to hell  again.


100 word challenge by jack

On Friday, the year 5 and 6 children, went on a trip to a Museum. First, we got to school and went outside and got on the coach we then arrived at the Museum. The first activity we did was an art workshop and made our own posters and placards, badges and banners. We then had lunch and did our  next workshop which was meeting James Brindley. We then did drama before we had a little wander around the gallery. We then met up with the other group to go back to school and it was home time . We gave out letters and went home.

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forest school

First we came to school we had to get here really early because the teachers said we would miss it if weren’t there we would miss are session. Then we walked to the woods then we had a little chat about climbing trees then we went in the woods to have a sit down on logs. After that we had a little talk and looked around for trees on the sheet  and looked for the the final tree  we needed we then had free play and i found a campfire and balanced on logs then we came back from the woods to be continued .


107 word challenge by jack

Once upon a time there lived an evil king called Kamran who harvests children’s souls and jack soul was heading towards the black castle and smashed the white moon stone to pieces and gave a piece of the white moon stone to each of his generals and jack had from a mysterious which jack steals Kamrans magic scissors to find his way home again jack must compete on a epic journey to defeat the kingdoms twelve generals then face the evil king Kamran  himself and jack found out suddenly he hound out I was able to see again so good bye for now  good bye the end. Roar