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100 wc

It was a hot day and me my friends decided to go to the park and play some football. So of we went to the park and played. The teams were fair enough to play because we had a even number of people. We started and someone from my team just blasted it and made a amazing goal it was 1-0 now. The other team were doing great passing till we all heard birds flying around us. After we stopped and had an break but we could smell ICECREAM some how so we all bought one. At the end the scores were 5-3 to us.

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100wc flashback

On Monday the 18th of May I remeber that class 5v (Mr Vaughan) were doing a Shakespeare play with Manley park and Chorlton park. My big event ever I have done. I remember everyone was really good and rememberd all their lines but people were annoying me for a little while saying I was too good as I was the mainest character. I remember we waited ages in our dressing room till it was finally our turn. At the end I remember everyone sang the song Here comes the song. I Bet most people still remeber all their lines.

The end

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100 word challenge

On Friday 13th, it was bad luck day and I was scared to go out. I decieded to go out. 31 minutes later, I was being chased by a horse. I ran and ran to this field called Pipe Green. I met this person called Ashley. Ashley, the very talented person, told me when this field was made. We both went to the withington swimming center and swam 65m. At 5:30pm we both were getting chased by the horse again. We carfully sneaked into Ashley’s house and hid there. After 15 minutes, we finally got away with that horse. While I was walking home, I found this new shop called ?. That was very strange to me. Before I went in, I just remeberd it was bad luck day but I still decied to go in. As soon as I went in, I teleported back to my house and I met another person called Yousif. Yousif, the lazy person, was only 32 years old. He coudnl’t even spell Madness. Me and Ashley found it really funny because we could spell it when we was 2. We asked Yousif if he could even swim but he said no. That was even funnier than not spelling Madness. It was mothers day in 3 days and me and Ashley had our present ready as Yousif was being lazy and lieing down in bed. Yousif said he was better than me in Fifa 15. So we vsed eachother in fifa and Ash was supporiting for me. I won by 10 goals as the scores was 20-10. Yousif was really mad and tried to kill me but as soon as I ran away….

What Happend?

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My trip on Friday.

On Friday 6th of March, Year 5 and 6 was going to an amazing trip to the People’s History Museam. We went on a double decker bus and it took us about 30 minutes to get there. When we got there, we met the people that was going to guide us around and we set of to our acctivies. My group was looking around the gallerys and we was looking at these 3 pictures. We had  to describe about them what we think about it. We also looked at banners and said what they stand for. At 12:10 we  had our lunch till half past. At half past, we went in our next acctivity and we look at this statue and said what we thought  about that. The statue, that we looked at, was funny to a student called Baraa. After, we went into another gallery and into the stage box and we heard stories from James O Brien. James O Brien, that scared Leo 3 times, was very talented. We also did a little bit of drama and we accted out one of the stories. I accted out as Hunt  and I got arrested by drunk people. After that we played this game where we had to find news papers and answer the question on it. When we finished that, James O Brien told us his last story. After that story, we headed back to school and get all of our stuff and homework. At 3:05 we all rushed home and had a nice relax!

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forrest school

On Friday the 9 of  Janurary, we had an  amazing trip to the circle of logs near darley avenue. The forrest guides were called Sarah and Jay. The first thing we did was sat it a circle and we passed a stick (Microphone) and we had to say our name and what we liked doing out of school. Next we had a tour and we were told where  the boundries lines were. Next we went hunting for trees and the branches to see if they had buds and what colours they were. After all that we had free play and my friend Yousif nearly fell of a trunk. After 5 minutes we headed back to school and our day was over.



I was falling into darkness.Not knowing where I was falling. Suddenly, I fell into this huge,enormous school. A boy called Quinn told me a secret place. ‘Go near the school office and click the code 4573356. I typed the code 4573356 and I secretly got moved do an park. These leaves were talking to me. WHAT? IS THIS S REAL? but as the leaves rustled I was getting a bit scared.  So I ran as fast I could to my home. But I’m way to slow to go home. But as soon I STARTED RUNNING! I got kidnapped buy a teenager!


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100wc spooky (3)

As i use the machine gun and rope to kill the wizard, the Witch Castes a spell on me! ”WHAT? ISN’T SHE MY FRIEND?”               The clever witch played a trick on the person. ”AHAHAHA YOU FOOL!”                                                                                                               ”Be quiet before I call the the police!                                                                                                                                                                                   ”Police!” I’m a police my self!”                                                                                                                                                                                            ”Liar liar liar your a such liar”                                                                                                                                                                                                ”Kids don’t understand that I play jokes but the wizard does.”                                                                                                                                ”After all these years your saying THAT! Lol! we should call you that no eye  wizard!”                                                                                ” Stop talking like some Rice!”                                                                                                                                                                                            ”Shut up!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I finally shot at the witch. Did I miss?


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100 wc spooky (2)

So I as  go through the silent pathway, I heard a boom! So as I see the 1 eye wizard I saw him making deadly creatures. I went up the 100,000 stairs, I tried to punch in his back but he trapped me in the cage. IT’S THE 1 EYE WIZARD WHO

IS MAKING THE DEADLY CREATURES. So I made a spell that the witch taught on the 1 eye wizard. He got frozen with the freeze spell. I had to escape kill the wizard but how? Wait that’s it, ill use the rope and machine gun to kill the wizard.


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On a spooky night, there I was at (The Haunted House). There was a devil evil witch called Dr. Evil. No ever liked him. Only 1 person can… (Find out later) that person was the cleverest in that city. On 6th of January 2003, There was a ANOTHER WITCH!!! Who had of called this witch or send a letter. I’t was me of course. It’s a friendly witch. My plan was to learn evil,horrid and most disgusting MAGIC TRICK. Suddenly a wizard came. WHAT’S HAPPENING? I must find out what going on.



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100 wc (Mysterious hedgehog)

In a dark cave, there lived two men called Jaria and Kamran. They were eating until their curtain had started shivering. As it shivered,they got their shotguns and aimed at it. After 2 minutes, a hedgehog came out of the curtain. He said, “I  have no food and I can’t afford it please feed me and train me to protect myself.”They trained for many days until a sudden moment came by. The three of them were all tired out. “Oh look what we have here! 3 weak morons! well I’ll just steal all this food and silver plus the strong hedgehog.” said the robber.



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