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Jeremy the psychoanalyst

Jeremy, the psychoanalyst, was going bizarre because he was going to run 156 miles. It was going to be the most extraordinary ultimate adventure of his life . It was in an exotic deserted place that he had to run for six days. Do you think he will be able to complete this nearly impossible dangerous challenge? (I don’t think he will be able to do it because it sounds like he will die).He has already done 62miles in three days. Jeremy has survived it so far but he has exposed wounds from tripping over his feet. Do you think he can complete it without dying?

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Our Friday trip

On Friday, we went on a trip to the Peoples History Museum.On the way into the museum , that was very big and decorative, we saw the coat pegs and containers filled with money. We were split into two groups. the first place we went we saw a shouting man called james o brian. We did activities and acted out a scene each from the peterloo massasra. Everyone had to walk , it was very tiring.The next activity we deciced protesting on rasism.

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Equestrian girls 3

As the girls were running out of sight a mist of gloomy fog came in a early time every student was under the sirens spell as the dazzlings were back.


only twilight sparkle and her friends were not under there spell as they thought. so one more of those students was not under the horrifying spell of sirens  she was called vinyl due to the fact that she said (suddenly I was able to see again) also started backing the students songs or music sense she was the dj around there thinking about. Knowing that they were the slaughtered demons.


Then she knew about how bad outside.