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100 wc by Kyra

There once was a man called Donald ,who lived in a ramshackle  cottage. His favourite hobby was to explore and take on new challenges. On a Friday afternoon,Donald was watching the BBC news and there was a report about Niagara Falls. Donald decided that he had never explored This extraordinary place before and he really wanted to. Donald devised a plan to cross Niagara Falls but he was going to do it a little different…he was going long jump it! Donald accomplished long jumping across Niagara Falls and the world was astonished! Donald wrote a book about his adventure called ‘My ultimate adventure ‘.


100 wc By Kyra

On Friday 6th March, year five and six went to the Peoples history museum in Town. We travelled to the museum by a coach. Whilst we were on the coach,which was a double decker,we all played a game called ‘ Would you rather?’.  We arrived at 10:00am , and were greeted by Liz who was a staff member. We were split into two groups. We all watched a play about James O’ Brien and what his life was like. Once the play was finished, we listened to a speech and acted out a scene from the battle. Then Liz sent us off to do an activity and we had lunch. when lunch was over, we did one more activity and then we headed home.

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In a blink

My name is Maya and on Friday night my dog Domino needed to go for  a walk. It was late but he was desperate for a walk so I took him out. As I was walking back I heard a car coming and then… BANG!! I fell to the ground, Domino stood next to me. The man that knocked me over helped me up. The next morning I woke up expecting to see the sun but I didn’t see anything, and then it clicked to me that I was blind. The next morning my mum opened the curtains, then FLASH… suddenly I was able to see again.