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My 100 word challenge

There was once a man called Donald who was 90 years old and he lived in a cramped cottage. He loved taking on extraordinary adventures every day. Donald had heard a myth about some treasure that was buried behind Niagara Falls.Donald invited his friend called Emma to help him find Niagara fall before the end of the day. Searching and searching till dawn. Then they saw the most wonderful Niagara fall. They dug part of Niagra fall and then they saw the treasure and ran home so they could open the chest. But it was the wrong one so they went back to transfer the old chest for the new chest. That was an ultimate adventure.

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The weirdest day of my life !

One day , I went to a farm in the countryside and saw a unicorn horse , he had a pipe on his back. He was trying  to get the pipe off his back for years. His name was Oggie. About two years ago , Oggie nearly  got his self sucked up a pipe but then he broke free but ,he still had the the pipe on his back so he wasn’t happy.Me and Oggie took a strole to the swimming baths and as soon as we got there we saw a badger and he swam across the pool ,so he taged along with us and then we went to my house and had a had green tea , it was deliciouse so that was the weirdest day of my life.

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My trip to the people history museum

On Friday the 6th of march I woke up in the morning and was really excited to go to the people history museum with school,I got to school and Mr Vaughn was doing the register. we all got on the coach and off we went . Wen we arrived there our first activity was to go into this dark room ,and there was a man called John and he was telling us about the peter loo feild .All of us had to do a proformana and when the teachers said freeze we needed to freeze in the posision  that we were in it was fun .

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my first day at Barlow hall forest school!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first day at barlow hall forest school was very fun ,because wen we first got there ,we needed to run safely down a hill and then we followed Sarah and Jane to some logs that we had to sit on,and listen to what they were saying.After Sarah and Jane finished talking we all could walk around the forest ,and after we walked through the forest ,we could play and I fell and I did it near a bog what was very smelly , then Abigail was swinging on a thick peice of  branch and then it snapped and she fell but she was laughing. After that we all sat around the circle and had some hot apple juice with a cheese bread stick. We all walked back to school and had lunch that was a fun day.

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The two very best friends

Ones there was two best friends called Anabell and Issabell they lived very close to each other , they also went to the same school ,and that is how they became the best of friends. But one day Anabell’s evil mother put poison in her drink with out her knowing “darling your dink is ready” she bellowed to her up stairs . Anabell ran down stairs and gulped her drink down and mentioned ” that tasted a bit strange today mother ”  ” that was I picked up another flavour by accident sorry my darling,” ” it’s ok mother ” .one  Minuit later she couldn’t see again she dropped the glass cup and said ” I’m blind”  then her friend came over and said ” what has happened to you” she said I can not see. Over night her eye was better suddenly I could see again

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