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Literacy Homework 28/06/15

Come to our new luxurious leisure centre with our new refurbished room and our new amazing swimming pool and our relaxing sauna. You’d be astonished of how beautiful the fantastic new leisure centre.

First and Foremost, You should come to our recent built leisure centre as we have got the facilities you need. If you just want to chill in the warm relaxing jacuzzi you can every day as the water facilities are open to everyone everyday. If you want to strengthen those big bulky muscles of yours our gym is absolutely perfect for you, it has weights, cardio machines and much more.

So I’ve given you all my top reasons of why you should come to our leisure centre.You’d be a right idiot if you didn’t come!

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Literacy homework. 21/06/15.

To Ben,

It was very nice coming to your school. I really liked playing football against your school. At lunchtime, I really liked trying to get on the stilts but they were way too hard. I also liked the table tennis, we have one in our school too. I liked the activity when we had to make the highest tower with spaghetti and marshmallows. The activity I liked most though was, when Mr. May took us on a trip round Romiley, are you going to Harrytown High school?

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homework/100 word challenge

As I walked into Longford park, I see many things, beautiful butterflies roaming in the park, colourful flowers surrounding me and lots of ducks swimming in the mucky, small pond. When I sat down in the park to eat, I picked up my delicious sandwich and ate in front of the glimmering sun. As I was skipping cheerfully through the park, I heard the birds singing and chirping at the same time. The weather was beautiful, it wasn’t too hot for me to roast but it wasn’t to cold for me to freeze. I feel very jolly as I’ve  saw many beautiful things.

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homework 100 word challenge

One day, my grandson came to visit me from Scotland. I took to him to Manley Park far a little ‘kick-around’. Idrees, a cheeky 6 year old, one of my favourite grandsons, tried to kick the ball really but ended up hitting the concrete instead. His deafening  scream scared me,  I rushed to help him. This reminded me of the time when I played as a striker for YSG football club and we won the Super cup.We played against a team called Spinningfields FC. My team won 7/1. I was a striker and scored a hatrick and the winning goal. At half-time I came off as I had a hamstring injury. I was the captain of the team so that meant I got to pick the trophy up first!

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Persuasive Homework

Dear Mr.Vaughan,

I would like to suggest that we get to go outdoors for our golden time. Children should have the option to go outdoors for golden time.

Firstly, children will get to be more healthy and will get more time to be fit. Research shows that a quarter of children’s population are becoming obese. Do you really want to make these children extremely fat?

Secondly, if the other classes get to go outside it will not be fair if we don’t get to go outside.

Lastly, children tend to feel better and more energetic outside especially when it’s nice and sunny.

In conclusion, I would really appreciate you if you put this into action. Don’t you want to make these children happy?

Your sincerely Musa


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100 word challenge.

On the 24th of October, I had a giant mission to accomplish. I had to go through the terrible sewers. I had to complete this mission due to the fact that there was a time bomb down there. I have to do it all alone. On the first day, I left home and I started walking towards the nearest sewer. I realized that the time bomb was all the way in London! So it would take me ages to get there but that did not put me off. When I jumped into the sewers, I smelt this weird disgusting thing. I swam through this green smelly gunge. I carefully tried not to drink any of the green smelly gunge. I was walking through sewers and I saw this weird  looking pipe. When I reached my destination, I was looking for the time bomb. When I found it, I quickly typed in the passcode to stop the bomb. When I reached home, I quickly called the police. They came and took away the time bomb. They called me the superhero for saving  people’s life. On that day, I met a horse whose nickname was superhero too!!

The end.

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Dad asked me to go and fetch his power tools from the garage. He had been using a circular-saw to cut 2 metre lengths of timber and needed a hammer. We were making a tree-house from recycled wood and were constructing the step ladder. Dad yelled,”Help”, mum rushed out of her spotless kitchen, the hammer had slipped out of dad’s hand and crushed his index finger. Mum took dad to A&E  and I had to stay home. I was walking about in our gigantic garden but as the leaves rustled I got worried what was there. It was a hedgehog. I was playing with it until mum came. When mum came she told me that,”Dad will be staying in the hospital for a couple of days.” I showed mum the hedgehog she loved it as much as I did and she said,” You can keep it.” I was so happy!


100 wc

Sameer,my favourite cousin, rang me at 7:00 am because we were planning to go to Blackpool beach. We all woke up and rushed to eat our breakfast, I brushed  my teeth and combed my hair. We quickly packed our suitcases and headed of to Sameer’s house. Sameer was very excited because he had never been Blackpool. Sameer came loaded with a a bag full of goodies, vimto lollipops,  jawbreakers, cola bottles and Dairy Milk  Oreo bars.  Dad whizzed past many cars on the motorway and we were on the sandy beach by 9:00 am. I grabbed my bucket and spade, headed towards the nearest mound of sand and started digging. Sameer watched as he chewed on a jawbreaker. I gave him my spade and he started lifting scoops of sand. He was shocked to find…

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100 wc

I went to bed disappointed having expected it to snow. Snow and blizzards were expected, I had watched the weather forecast on TV. My excitement grew as I slowly opened the curtains hoping to see everything layered with snow. “Mum!” I screamed. “Brilliant,” I shouted knowing I could play all day due to the the fact that there’s no school today. I forgot to stretch, brush my teeth, have breakfast and rushed down to search for my sledge and gloves. It was 8.00 am, everyone was still asleep and I was dancing on snow in the back garden in my spotty socks. Remember do not play in the snow without warm clothes or you might get a really bad cold.

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Once upon a sunny day,Yousif and Kamran  we’re playing in the park in Ivore,Côte.Yousif was in net and Kamran is about to take the penalty the referee blows his whistle and Kamran blasts the ball  in Yousif’s eye!! That must of hurt! Yousif has to go to hospital.Kamran rang 999.The ambulance came they picked him up. Ashley the blind eye surgeon rolled Yousif into the ambulance. The next day Yousif woke up he looked around and he couldn’t see anything.Suddenly I was able to see again. Yousif was crying tears of joy.Ashley the eye surgeon checked his eye he said,”your ready to go home.”

 The End