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100 word challenge

My name is Bobby, I am 71 years old and will be running a distance of 156 miles. I have to run it through  a desert. I only have 6 days, On the second day of my ultimate adventure I felt like I had only moved about 2 steps, though when I saw a lake I knew I’d gone quite a distance. I drank as much as I could and then started running again..   Just as I started moving, a helicopter picked me up and the crew said I was about to die because of my body temperature. I lost this competition and will never do it again.


Cat And Mouse

One day, there were 2 creatures that were massive rivals. They would fight each other every day. The cat would try carefully to catch the mouse, though it would never work. The cat promised himself he would catch the mouse today, but its just the same think that happens every day. They ran past the pool which the landlord swam in yesterday, They went thru the pipe back into the horses green stable. After all that hard work, they both got tired. The cat went to read its book under the tree. While the mouse went back into his hole to eat cheese, and have some bread. Once they had both rested, the mouse decided to sneak up on the cat and steal its milk. {This wasn’t the mouse’s lucky day} Though the mouse didn’t know that the cat had for once acted smart and put down a trap. When the mouse got there he thought he was just going to have another nice bowl of milk. Just as he grabbed the bowl of milk, the cat’s trap went up in flames and the mouse got burned. The landlord went outside to see what happened. He saw the burned mouse which was crying, and the cat which was about to drink up all the milk. He locked up the cat and never let it out. He told her that he said he had to eat the mouses not burn them, he then took the mouse to the vet and he very luckily survived. Now, the mouse gets to take a whole bowl of milk, bread, and cheese.


The End.

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The scientist Kane

One day, there was a man called Kane. He was an excellent scientist people would pay loads of money just to meet him… Though Kane was planning something very dangerous, he was going to go to one of the most dangerous jungles in the world. The jungle had so many tigers, lions, snakes and bears. So many people suggested that Kane didn’t go, though he just didn’t listen, he thought it would make him an even greater scientist. When Kane wen’t to the jungle  he wished he had listened to all the people who suggested he shouldn’t go. He felt like we was going to die in that deadly place, even though so many people were protecting him. His main goal here was to find a new species, he felt like he was getting closer to finding something great that could possibly boost him to the greatest scientist alive. He was getting messages from his family at home telling him to come back but he told them he was fine. Even though he really wanted to leave. He kept going until he suddenly found a green weird creature which looked like a alien he named it a Sciesours. He then became the greatest scientist, and then people paid even more to watch him.

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100 Wc About Forest School

On friday 9th of january 2015, we had a trip to a forest to learn more about nature. We split the class into 2 groups, one group went in the morning the other group went in the afternoon. Once we got their, we headed straight to the circle of logs and got to know more about what we were gonna do. We went looking for types of trees, we found lime, oak, elder. Some trees had little buds on them. Once we did all that, we did freeplay. At last, it was time to go back, then it was the other groups turn. Though they did have some lunch before they went, they also got some minutes of play.


100 wc challenge

One windy night, There was a girl called Kate, a boy called Joe, and a other boy called Dash, The fourth member of the family was the mum.

There dad was out on holiday for two weeks there was just one day left in the holiday, They would sit there waiting, waiting and waiting. Though this windy night was a special one, it was Halloween they didn’t like people visiting them so they stayed in bed. “Hey Joe remember that day they came with a zombie costume?” Whispered Kate. “Yeh I do.” He whispered back. That was when someone knocked on the door.


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100 wc (Mysterious hedgehog)

In a dark cave, there lived two men called Jaria and Kamran. They were eating until their curtain had started shivering. As it shivered,they got their shotguns and aimed at it. After 2 minutes, a hedgehog came out of the curtain. He said, “I  have no food and I can’t afford it please feed me and train me to protect myself.”They trained for many days until a sudden moment came by. The three of them were all tired out. “Oh look what we have here! 3 weak morons! well I’ll just steal all this food and silver plus the strong hedgehog.” said the robber.



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Air vs lightning

Once upon a nasty day, there was a light ninja vs a dark ninja, the dark ninja used the power of lightning and the light ninja, used huge power  of air. They both fought for very long. Though the dark ninja had a weakness, if he used his power of lighting too much, his vision would disappear. So they fought for very long , and the dark ninjas vision was lost… He started speaking  to himself ” oh no  my vision is gone… Not good”. Said the dark ninja. Though he got his vision back.. He said to the light ninja “I suddenly got my vision back time to defeat you.”